Oferim tots els serveis de manteniment, reparació i instal·lació d’equips de piscines a particulars, comunitats de propietaris, hotels, ressorts i clubs esportius.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

We are specialized in regular or one time swimming pool maintenance for private houses, residents’ association, hotels, resorts, and sport clubs.

Due to the water characteristics and every customer need, Servi Emporda creates a personalized maintenance program in order to keep up the water security and healthiness.

We restore every kind of water, once we check all the analysis control in our own laboratory.

We clean up the pool with professional automatic robots, which help us obtain a better cleaning reducing water consum, as we do not get dirty the swimming pool filter and we avoid extra washing of the filters.

The price is based in the volume of water, the number of people using it, so as the frequency of the visits hired and the product used to perform the disinfection.

Repair and equipment maintenance

We repair, install, replace and modify any kind of swimming pool installation.

Swimming Pool Automation

If you are tired of maintaining your swimming pool weekly, or otherwise you have to adapt the new regulation (RD 742/2013 de 27 de setiembre). Serviempordà fully automates yours swimming pool for you, automatiza totalmente su piscina, either installing automatic dosification equipments or semiautomatic ones:

We also automate filter cleaning jobs (selector valve) and all the light system (specially leds)

Saline Chlorination

For improving the water quality, avoiding eyes irritation and creating a more ecological system we should install a Saline Chlorination system.

The Saline Chlorination uses common salt for producing a constant quantity of chlor. In this way you don’t need to add directly chlor (tablet or liquid) in the pool. The water leaves a softer and better feeling.

Serviempordà installs and repairs the best saline chlorination brands in the market, with a highly competitive prices, mainly because we deal directly with the manufacturer.

Depending on the type of pool you have and the use you make out of it, we install UV additional systems for the water disinfection.

Hibernation and tune up

By the end of the season we perform all the necessary tasks to hibernate the pool, and at the beginning of each season we recover the water and leave it just perfect for use.