Private houses

We perform any kind of cleaning for private houses, either regular, or specific, following the deal we had previously arranged with our customer.

Residents’ Association

Residents’ associations have very precise and unique needs that must be taking care in order to come up with individualized cleaning plan.

The assignments have to be scheduled within the right frequencies, paying attention to all the different areas and the utility and transit that they might have, so we can give the best offer both on quality standard such as the budget.

We provide:

Polish and Clean sweep

We polish any kind of floors, stairways, offices, private houses…

Offices and companies

Depend on a company needs we develop a cleaning plan suiting any special need.

We adapt our work schedule so we do not interfere in the normal development of our customer business.


Parkings require a site specific cleaning. We sweep away and wash all kind of grounds with our machine.

We also provide bulb and fluorescent substitution services.

We replace incandescent and low consum material for less electrical consum led products.


We clean all kind of inside and outside crystal on different heights, either with pole or tow truck, ionized water...

We have the machines to clean up to 20 m high with osmotized water. Best quality at the best price.


The cleaning service of Malls are scheduled according to the size and usefulness of the centre, meaning that some of the work is developed by hand and some other tasks are performed with specific machines, so we can obtain the best output, such as the cleaning of electric stairways…

We use eco products.

Serviempordà, plans the work to be done in between the time zones where there is less interference with the mall activity and in agreement with the responsables of the centre. The work is organized and adapted to the particularities of the place to be cleaned.

Based on the Mall characteristics we can hire assistant services such as, bulb replacement, space closure,...